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Reiki Therapy Treatment - What to Expect

We begin our Reiki Therapy session by going over some general information about Reiki. I will ask you whether there is anything you want me to be aware of or work more on and whether there are any areas where touch should be avoided. I will go over with you where I will be placing my hands during the treatment. If we have not worked together before, I will give you several brief new client forms to fill out. 

Now I begin your treatment. You can lie down on your back or sit comfortably in a chair. You are fully clothed excep for your shoes. I invite you to close your eyes if that is comfortable for you. I do not generally talk during the treatment; however, I encourage you to let me know if you would like me to move on from any area, spend more time in any area, or if you are for any reason uncomfortable during the treatment. 

With gentle music playing in the background, I put my hands above your eyes and then on the top of your head, forehead, above your neck, on the center of your chest where the heart is, on your solar plexus, your navel and above your hips and the base of your spine. I may also work on your shoulders, arms, hands, legs, and feet. . Touch is never used on the breast area, or below the waist (in those areas I work several inches above the body). If you prefer, I can do the entire treatment without using touch, working several inches above your body. 

These hand positions on the body correspond to the chakras, major energy centers of the body. During the treatment your body takes in healing life-force energy (Reiki) helping to correct any imbalances. During a Reiki Therapy Treatment most people feel very relaxed, peaceful and rejuvenated. 

A majority of Reiki Therapy recipients feel a noticeable improvement in physical and emotional problems after receiving Reiki Therapy Treatments. 


At the end of the treatment, I will gently "brush out" the energy around your body from your head to your feet. This will just feel like air being fanned over you and is a way to help you wake up if you have fallen asleep. I will then let you know that the treatment is complete. Although Reiki is not diagnostic, I am happy to answer any general questions about the treatment as best I can. Anything we discuss during your session will be kept confidential. 

After the Treatment I will leave you to rest for a few minutes until you are ready to get up. You should drink plenty of water after a Reiki treatment in order to help flush out any toxins that have been released by the Reiki energies. Energy therapy treatment can produce changes and emotional processing.  Sometimes, due to the release of toxins and energetic blocks, a recipient will briefly feel worse after a treatment rather than better This is a rare side effect and if it does occur you should contact the practitioner and possibly go in for another treatment or two right away to complete the healing process the first treatment began. 

Reiki does not act as a cure for physical and emotional conditions but instead brings healing energy to your body, helping the body in its own natural healing process. The goal of Reiki is to help restore the body's energy balance and enhance its natural ability to heal itself. Reiki does not involve any muscle manipulation, only light touch, and so it is safe for people of all ages, pregnant women, those with injuries or on medications, and also for pets. 

In the days following a treatment, many clients continue to feel sensations of relaxation and peace. There is no limit to the number of Reiki treatments a person may receive. Reiki cannot harm you; only help you. 

If you are interested in seeing me for a treatment, or have questions about Reiki, please call me at 856-384-9256 

How Many Reiki Therapy Treatments Will I Need?

Each individual is on their unique healing journey and hence a general statement cannot be made. It is recommended that initially you consider a series of four treatments scheduled either closely together or on consecutive days. A maintenance schedule of Reiki Therapy can be discussed after the first treatment. 

You are very welcome to schedule a single session if you choose. Although you will likely feel improvement with the first treatment, you don’t want to settle for mere improvement. Reiki Therapy has the potential to create balance from the very core of your system, and if there is a chronic health challenge, this of course takes time. 

Self treatment is highly recommended between sessions which is especially important in chronic cases of illness. If you are interested in learning Reiki for yourself call 856-384-9256 or send me message (see below)

How often should I get Reiki Therapy Treatments?

For general relaxation, stress reduction, proactive health maintenance it's suggested as above, that the first few sessions be taken close together to jump start the healing and relaxation process. A maintenance schedule of treatment can then be discussed. 

For chronic conditions, pre and post surgical, and for those in Cancer treatment Reiki Treatment schedules can be decided upon by consultation. 

Best results are reported with the first few treatments close together in the beginning and then timing additional sessions according to conventional medical treatment schedule. 

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