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Meet Magye - Owner Holistic Passages to Wellness

Wellness Practitioner/Educator, Board Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist, Reiki Practitioner and Teacher, IET Practitioner, Self-Relationship Coach, Energy Therapy and Hospice Reiki Volunteer and long term member of the International Association of Reiki Professionals. I have had the honor of assisting hundreds of individuals with life matters and specialize in working with stuck energies. My expertise is in healing via insight, training and experience.   

Holistic Passages to Wellness specializes in the areas of Reiki Training and Reiki Energy Therapy.  Established in 2003, Holistic Passages is responsible for training many outstanding Reiki Practitioners and has assisted numerous individuals in their personal healing processes. 

How would you describe your class experience to a friend?

                          Taken from class review forms - thank you students

- Very enlightening. A very peaceful and grounding experience... Sarah L. (II)
- Stepping through the gateway to a higher state of self...Katie L. (III)
- Relaxing. Extremely helpful. Looking forward to Reiki Level 2... Evie S. (I)
- Truly wonderful! So informative and rewarding.... Evie S. (II)
- Awesome!.... Dina N.  ( I & II )
- I feel more confident about becoming a Reiki practitioner. Magye is perceptive and
   compassionate...Sharon G.
- Amazing and Outstanding... Elizabeth T. ( I & II )
- Totally rewarding, worth it, inspiring and fulfilling...Ajua H. ( II )
- Amazing!... Ashley A.  ( I & II )
- Very educational, warm & fun. Eye opening experience...Jane B. ( I )
- Very exciting, warm and respectful... Jane B. ( II )
- Incredibly worthwhile, exciting and educational...Stephanie L. ( II )
- Amazing! Words cannot describe the experience but it is one you will never forget...Claire G. ( I )
- Very comfortable with instructor. The Attunement was amazing ...Bonnie S. (I)
- Refreshing, wonderful & inspiring. Very safe place to learn...Irene C. ( II )
- Enlightening, empowering, a huge step towards my true self...Sarah L. ( I )
- Enlightening, comfortable, spiritual...Susan B. ( I )
- Supportive, inspiring, healing...Susan B. ( II )
- Sacred and holy...Susan B. ( III )
- Wonderful!...Shelley B. ( II )
- Excellent, peaceful...Juan M. ( III )
- Exciting and very relaxing, carefree and comfortable...Michelle T. ( I )
- Very informative and welcoming. Great conversations...Michelle T. ( II )
- A great way to relieve stress and learn about yourself...James R. ( I )
- A wonderful healing experience. Highly recommended...James R. ( II )
- A wonderful experience. Must try for yourself. You won't be disappointed...James R. ( III )
- A necessary class to take ownership of personal power...Tynisha S. ( I )
- It was open and honest, the environment felt safe...Tynisha S. ( II )
- Don't miss the opportunity to learn Reiki with this lovely woman...Linda R. ( I )
- Learning Reiki II today did not feel like I was in a class setting but a warm and inviting
   session...Barbara G. ( II )
- Wonderful! Welcoming, clear, informative, practical, entertaining and exciting...Rosana B. ( III )
- Very casual and good opportunity for questions - open discussion...Melissa G. ( I )
- The class experience was wonderful, warm and friendly...Sandra H. ( I )
- Even if never exposed to the power of Reiki this is a delightful way to learn...Michele L. ( I )
- Fantastic...Maggie L. ( I, II, III )
- It was a great experience. Life changing...Suncerae P. ( I )
- Magye answered all of our questions and I don't think all of them were easy...Melissa R. ( II )
- I am so glad that I found the website. Best decision I made...Denise T. ( I )
- Great experience! I wish I had met Magye a long time ago. Loved the class...Denise T. ( II )

- The class was informative in a peaceful and relaxed setting. Great experience...Tracey W. (I)
- I took the Master Level Class and it was a great experience...Elizabeth G. 

What was the most positive experience you had in this class?

                                    Taken from class review forms - thank you students


- The interaction with my Reiki master... Sarah L. (II)
- Feeling the Reiki flow at a grander level through my physical body ...Katie L. (M)
- Being able to learn how to help people... Evie S. (I)
- Being attuned and chatting about my experiences..... Evie S. (II)
- Being able to be open....Dina N. ( I & II )
- The attunement... Sharon G. (III)
- All of it! Connecting with a kindred soul was the most amazing part...Ajua H. ( II )
- Experiencing the Reiki energy so completely   Katie L. ( I ) 
- The sacred space that Magye held for me...Katie L. ( II )
- The attunement and the feeling of love and welcoming...Jane B. ( I )
- Learning specific ways to help my children with their past life issues & autism... Jane B. ( II )
- Feeling at home and on my path...Stephanie L. ( II )
- The warmth that you feel during and after you are attuned is beyond...Claire G. ( I )
- Actually able to feel energy during my practice session...Bonnie S. ( I )
- The hands on experience. The exchange of information was so wonderful...Irene C. ( II )
- Inner enlightenment and fulfillment...Sarah L. ( I )
- Being met spiritually where I was...Susan B. ( I )
- Receiving Reiki & our conversation of Spiritual movement in our lives...Susan B. ( II )
- Having the "whole" of the time honored as sacred and holy...Susan B. ( III )
- Not only the lessons but the sharing of information...Shelley B. ( II )
- The Attunement...Juan M. ( III )
- Conversation and energy...Michelle T. ( I )
- Very open and welcoming atmosphere...Michelle T. ( II )
- The entire class was positive and wonderful experience...James R. ( I )
- Sharing stories, learning about the symbols as well as the attunement process...James R. ( II )
- Heightened intuition and mental clarity. Persistence of purpose...James R. ( III )
- The whole exchange was magical...Tynisha S. ( I )
- Getting objective advice about some things I am working through...Tynisha S. ( II )
- Magye knew my heart and goals and was open to helping me...Linda R. ( I )
- Being able to now heal and practice Reiki but most happy meeting Magye...Barbara G. ( II )
- Sharing personal experiences and the instructor applying  it to what's being
   learned...Rosana B. ( master )
- The hands on experience (practice) & the Reiki experience (treatment)...Melissa G. ( I )
- Opportunity for hands on practice with other students...Sandra H. ( I )
- The attunements and sharing with other students...Michele L. ( I )
- Presentation of materials was great!...Maggie L. ( I, II, III )
- Learning more about myself...Suncerae P. ( I )
- Magye's knowledge allowed me to trust my instincts...Melissa R. ( II )
- I met wonderful people. Learned alot...Denise T. ( I )
- That I feel more powerful and confident...Denise T. ( II )
- Comfort with instructor to ask questions...Tracey W, ( I )

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