When we cannot "Cure," we can continue to "Care."


Reiki Moves into Hospice and Home Health Care Spheres

Reiki and Palliative Care

Beyond the patients, home care and hospice scenarios can affect caregivers. Dealing with terminally ill patients or loved ones can prove traumatic and tumultuous for even the best-prepared caregivers. Though proper medical treatment is paramount for providing care, often the goal of palliative therapy focuses more on comfort than a cure. For people suffering from terminal illness, Reiki may be able to provide that comfort. Furthermore, Reiki can be an important self-practice for caregivers in palliative or hospice fields where grief can sidle up to negative feelings of burnout and fatigue.

The Benefits of Reiki for Hospice and Home Health Care

Whether as an effective self-care tool or a new addition to medical treatments, Reiki benefits both patients and caregivers in hospice and home health care scenarios. Reiki is on an upward trend of gaining ever greater acceptance as an effective holistic therapy in complement to mainstream medical care. Coupled with its ease of training and plethora of uses at home and in the wider medical and lay communities, Reiki becomes especially viable as a comforting, stress-relieving solution for anyone in hospice or health home care situations.

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Healing doesn't always mean a cure.  Some view healing as becoming whole or returning to perfect health.  Some believe the perfect state of health is when we transition and we become whole.  When we have the opportunity to become in a peaceful state before we pass, it makes the journey much more gentle.  Reiki helps to give that peace to people at the end of life care.  It helps them ease some of the anxiety that they might be experiencing as they are making changes for their journey.

Magye Kalwara  owner and director of Holistic Passages is an experienced Reiki Therapy Practitioner providing Reiki treatments for hospice patients and caregivers during this stressful time in the comfort of your home, assisted living facility and hospice care center.

Since 2009 Magye Kalwara is a Hospice Reiki Volunteer for  Ascend Hospice  Care. She offers Reiki to staff, helping to ease the stress of long work hours. She offers  Reiki to caregivers, family members or friends visiting loved ones.  The Reiki energy helps to take the edge off of stress and allows for a clearer frame of mind.  Most of all, Magye offers  Reiki  to help the patients with pain, improve sleep and reduction of anxiety. This allows the patient to feel more at peace during their stay.

Reiki offers amazing gifts to people as they are nearing the end of their physical life. Pain management, stress relief and emotional support are the main focus but deeper spiritual understanding, acceptance of this life phase and a feeling of peacefulness on an emotional level are the true gifts that Reiki offers. 

In-Home Reiki Treatments - Treatments in Care Facilities:

50 minute session -  $60 + Traveling Fee* 

*traveling fee $15 within 15 miles of the Center

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